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title insurance and refinancing in Florida state.   Lawyers land Title Company serving Florida State for 18 years.

Lawyers Land Title Co. of South Florida, as a title insurance agent of Chicago Title Insurance Company and as an escrow agent, has been an expert in the refinance sector in Florida for the last 20 years.  Lawyers Land Title has acted as a refinance and escrow agent for thousands of refinances throughout the years with most of the major banks and/or mortgage companies operating in the South Florida and Florida areas. 

Refinancing of existing real estate is what we do well.  Refinancing as the rates change or refinancing for the acquisition and access to equity are part and parcel of what we do well and what we have done often as a company.  Real estate investments often involve refinancing or refinances throughout the years of ownership.  Lawyers Land Title Co. works closely with realtors, mortgage brokers and property owners in order to make the refinancing of real estate, whether commercial or residential, as painless, cost efficient and organized as possible. 

For more details concerning the experience of the principals of Lawyers Land Title Co. with respect to refinancing of real estate and/or with our experience in commercial and residential refinancing, please see our home page above and/or see the section entitled "In-house Attorney" which describes the experience of each of the attorneys that Lawyers Land Title Co. has access to while conducting its refinancing work. 

In most instances, Lawyers Land Title Co. can usually accommodate borrowers seeking refinancing work through "mail away" closings and, as stated above, has done thousands of refinances throughout the years with most major banks and/or mortgage companies working in the State of Florida.  We always attempt to put the customer seeing to do a commercial or residential real estate financing first and the needs of that customer include reliability, safety, comprehensive work, and a low income approach to refinancing real estate and/or escrows including integral involvement in 1031 Real Estate Exchanges.

Lawyers Land Title Insurance can help you refinance your property today.  Click here for more information regarding any of your Title Insurance or Refinancing needs.